‘Should celebrities use their influence to bring about change?’

Los Angeles
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Laura Campfield

Los Angeles

“Yes, because they have a platform and people listen to them. Everybody’s trying to be an influencer. They’re already built-in as influencers and they’ve got the reach and it’s great that they can put it to good use.”

Ruthie Escarcega

Los Angeles

“I do because they’re able to publicly say how they feel and people respond to it.”

Randy Mora

Los Angeles

“Absolutely. … An athlete like LeBron James and popular celebrities definitely making awareness of bringing the vote and bringing an overall awareness about the injustices that happen in our society is incredibly important.”

Sean Groove

Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Yes, I think it’s important that celebrities and everyone else use their platform to make change. Celebrities can reach a lot of people, but these days, everyone has a platform and can influence people.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Palms Recreation Center in Los Angeles.

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