BOOK CORNER: Author shares testimony of hope, faith in ‘The Heart Chronicles’

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Heart Chronicles,” by Cynthia M. Lombard, is a moving testimony of the author’s experience with heart disease.

“When the doctors had no hope for my future God stepped in and carried me through,” Lombard said. “It’s about living with chronic pain daily that my faith and trust in God is why I’m still here to tell the story.”

“The Heart Chronicles” addresses the author’s journey from August 2003 to 2016 and how she remained hopeful through it all.

“I was inspired to write the book because I wanted to give others hope when things look and feel hopeless,” said the author. “I want to give God glory in all things because if it’s good God brought it to you, if it’s bad God’s bringing you through it.”

Inside her book, Lombard details her journey including the multiple surgeries, recuperations, support she received from family and more.

“I talk about all of that,” Lombard said.” About the support that I got from my family, and the depression that I went through, the frustration that I went through being in and out of the hospital for all those years…”

“The Heart Chronicles” is intended for anyone going through a tough time.

“Financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually,” Lombard said. “Man, woman, boy or girl; God is no respecter of persons.”

The book will no doubt resonate with readers that have experienced serious illnesses, struggles or if they are caretakers to someone that has.

“I hope readers gain a better understanding of God’s healing power and his love for those who love and trust him,” Lombard said. “How to trust God when all the odds are stacked against them.”

“The Heart Chronicles” is the author’s second book. She is currently working on a third book that will be a follow up to her debut book, “Revelation at Cliff House.”

In addition to being an author, Lombard is a motivational speaker, Mary Kay beauty consultant, and founder of She Is Still Standing. She is based in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“The Heart Chronicles” is available for $15 on Amazon.


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