California’s new COVID-19 cases surge by 44%

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California is experiencing its fastest spread of COVID-19 since the pandemic began: New cases have surged by 44.3%. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that he is pulling the “emergency brake,” shifting multiple counties to the most restrictive reopening tier. — POLITICO

Although California issued a 14-day quarantine advisory for travelers, a lack of enforcement leaves its efficacy up in the air. — ABC Los Angeles

Local officials in L.A. County are considering a curfew to cut down on nonessential gatherings and transmissions from people going out for nighttime drinks. At the same time, business leaders are pushing back on the idea that public places are transmission hotspots, as opposed to private social gatherings in homes. — Los Angeles MagazineEater Los Angeles

Gov. Newsom is facing some backlash after attending a birthday party at an upscale restaurant in Napa Valley earlier this month. — KCRW

Steven Argula prepares a Fourth of July barbecue while wearing a protective face mask. Photo by Afonso Salcedo.

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