Community waits for attorney general to join shooting probe

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By 2UrbanGirls

Contributing Writer

LOS ANGELES — The state attorney general’s office has not responded yet to a request from the Los Angeles City Council that it perform an independent review into the officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of Daniel Hernandez in April.

Hernandez was involved in a car crash in South Los Angeles at the intersection of San Pedro and 32nd Street, and according to responding officers, emerged from the wreckage with a box cutter in his hand.

After repeated commands to “drop the knife,” it is alleged Hernandez didn’t and was shot multiple times by Officer Toni McBride, who works out of LAPD’s Newton Division.

Hernandez’s family, friends and community activists have called for an independent investigation due to McBride’s father, Jamie McBride, being a top leader in the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union that represents rank-and-file LAPD officers.

The City Council has heard from the community and the Aug. 19 vote was a direct response to their requests.

“For months, the South L.A. community, family and friends of Daniel Hernandez have not only called me personally but have also been protesting in front of the LAPD Newton Division demanding answers and urging for an independent investigation,” Councilman Curren Price said. “An independent review is necessary to help restore some of the public’s confidence in the police, affirm the truth, ensure justice is served and strengthen police-community trust.”

Activists are happy that the council has become more responsive to the community’s concerns related to officer involved shootings that some feel can be avoided and applauded the council’s decision to request an independent investigation.

“I believe that’s important anytime there’s a controversial shooting like this,” community activist Najee Ali said.  “We need to have an unbiased investigation into the search for the truth.”

McBride was wearing a body camera which captured the shooting. Witnesses told her that the driver had a knife and was trying to hurt himself. She asked multiple times for him to drop the knife before firing four shots at him, leaving 38-year-old Hernandez dead on the street.

It is unknown what type of disciplinary actions have been taken against McBride but it has been reported that she is back on patrol duty while the investigation continues.

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