Inglewood to crack down on street takeovers, racing

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By 2UrbanGirls

Contributing Writer

INGLEWOOD — The city approved an $8 million contract with the California Highway Patrol Aug. 17 to supplement law enforcement services for vehicular and pedestrian traffic control at public and private intersections and roadways approaching and within SoFi Stadium and the Forum.

Inglewood Mayor James Butts gave a stern warning to the community regarding street takeovers during the Aug. 5 regular city council meeting.

“I want to talk about [street] takeovers,” Butts said. “They take over an intersection and burn rubber, and it’s not gonna continue. We have plans for you, and if you keep coming to Inglewood you will find out what they are.”

The CHP Street Racing Task Force conducted an operation in Inglewood Aug. 8, which yielded multiple arrests and the towing of vehicles, which Inglewood residents praised as “about time.”

“I knew they would be doing this,” said Jackie Burgess.  “It’s very expensive to get the car out of the impound after 30 days, I’m so glad.”

Takeovers have become a popular, and at times deadly, event, which occurs when spectators use social media to descend upon intersections, throughout L.A. County, to spin their vehicles amongst large crowds.

During the Aug. 17 meeting, the City Council also approved additional measures to establish ordinances related to the takeovers to ensure public health and safety are maintained.

One ordinance will establish the forfeiture of nuisance vehicles described as individuals violating California Vehicle Code Sections 23109(a) or those participating in speed contests or exhibition of speed.

“Inglewood is great at impounding cars for vehicle code violations,” said Carl McGill.

The ordinance will allow the immediate seizure and impounding of the vehicle, and an investigation into the owner(s) of the vehicle will be conducted with the assistance of the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Those identified as interested parties in the vehicle will then be afforded the opportunity to participate in a “post seizure” hearing with an independent officer and file a claim to prevent the forfeiture of the vehicle.

If City Attorney Ken Campos determines the factual circumstances warrants a forfeiture, claimants will be notified within 30 days.

Another ordinance will specifically address spectators of takeovers. Spectators who assemble on either a public street, highway, and/or private property open to the general public, will be charged with a misdemeanor.

That would apply to those within 500 feet of the location being prepared for the event.

The contract calls for CHP facilitating crowd control, public safety and security operations as needed with SoFi Stadium and the Forum, including parking lots. The CHP will provide a high visual, uniformed presence, identify and investigate criminal and/or disruptive activity, and assist private security and parking attendants using K-9 units, air operations, mounted patrol units, bicycle units and special response teams, and any other personnel required to process paperwork.

Butts modified the agenda item to spread out the $8 million cost; allocating $500,000 to the current fiscal year, $3.5 million to fiscal year 2021-22, and $4 million to fiscal year 2022-23.

Costs will be submitted to Hollywood Park Management Co. for reimbursement.

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