‘Is $600 a week too much for unemployment insurance?’

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Rick Porter


“No. It’s the same amount from the previous stimulus plan and it should be maintained because people should be allowed to survive in this pandemic and that’s what it’s for.”

Michael Murrley

Los Angeles

“It’s not enough to put up with what we’re putting up with currently with the political climate. People need a little more stability than that.”

Lady V.O.

Los Angeles

“It depends on who the person is and what kind of family they have. Some females I know have three kids and some have a lot more than that. Six hundred dollars a week would be about the same amount that you would get if you had a job, so I think the government ought to give us that.”

Bruce P

Windsor Hills

“I do not think it is too much. It’s a subsidy that people have paid into, so you’re basically giving them back their own money.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.

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