LA defies CDC advice, increases homeless sweeps

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By Emily Jo Wharry Contributing Writer

Yesterday, L.A. County reported 56 additional COVID-19 deaths and 11,000 new cases. Thirty ICU beds remain open. — LAistLong Beach Post

Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urging otherwise, L.A. has increased the frequency of its homeless encampment cleanups. — KCRW

The city has released a map detailing COVID-19 rates across its 139 neighborhoods. Positivity rates at L.A. testing sites is 20.58%. — NBC Los Angeles

L.A. County is set to receive 165,000 additional vaccine doses, with California as a whole expecting 900,000 more. — CBS Los Angeles

As hospitals become increasingly strained, California is seeking to hire additional doctors, nurses and staff from overseas. The state has brought in 500 temporary employees but needs 3,000. — ABC San Diego

The $900 billion relief bill passed by Congress yesterday includes $15 billion earmarked for movie theaters and live music venues. — CBS Los Angeles

More than 10% of L.A. County Sheriff’s Department employees are currently quarantining. — KTLA

This article first appeared on Los Angeleno and is shared with their permission in partnership with the Los Angeles Wave. You can subscribe for news and features from Los Angeleno here.

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