MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Vital Transformation helps people help themselves

By Darlene Donloe

Contributing Writer

Debbie and Eliyahu Jian used to be full-time volunteers at a spiritual organization until they began to “disagree with some things.”

That’s when they decided to open their own spiritual coaching business and offer various free sessions.

Eliyahu Jian, who wrote “The Laughing Billionaire – How To Become Rich and Happy,” is a transformational life and business coach, spiritual coach, relationship coach, published author, and motivational speaker. Debbie Jian is a Kabbalah advisor and coach.

In 2016, they launched Vital Transformation, a free platform that creates and provides spiritual tools, insights and experiences to help people better understand themselves and their lives.

On the website, it states: “We help make a vital transformation in the hearts, bodies and minds of each individual. We want to guide you and those around you, to find happiness, personal growth and success. We desire to create a safe environment for everyone to have discussions about spirituality, to democratize Kabbalistic material about spiritual growth that has been previously forbidden for 2000 years.”

“We are a spiritual Jewish-based organization,” Jian said. “We teach Kabbalah, the understanding of why things happen. We also help Jewish organizations that are in need, and also help different Jewish-American soldiers overseas who eat kosher food. We send them the food. In addition, we also help people in Israel. Currently, we’re helping a couple pay for their wedding.”

Jian, 49, said the basic course at Vital Transformation is “about discovering your potential.”

“Those are the universal things we teach,” said Jian, a married mother of three. “We get there by offering essential tools for a more enriched spiritual life.”

Through the organization’s various sessions and classes, participants are prompted to discover an emotionally healthier self through teachings that seek to remove stress, anxiety, and anger from their life and provide strategies for achieving healthy relationships and greater peace and tranquility.

When it comes to growth, participants in Vital Transformation learn how to flourish personally and spiritually, as well as develop and nurture their inner power and strength to reach the next spiritual level.

The impact of the teachings is to promote positive change in one’s life while fostering community connections and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves.

The guided, free online classes blend spiritual teachings with ancient wisdom to help someone navigate and thrive.

Each session has been crafted to deliver techniques and tools in a gentle yet powerful method that allows someone to grow and learn at their own pace.

There is a “Rediscovering Your Happiness and Power” course that Jian said: “anyone can take and learn from.”

“It’s about really rediscovering your happiness and your power,” she said. “Through faith and reading, we can discover the secrets of success. It’s the beginner’s guide to spirituality.”

The spiritual tools VT uses can include meditation, and even volunteering.

“Doing something for someone else is very much a spiritual tool,” said Jian, who added spiritual insight comes from studying. Most of it is education.”

Vital Transformation is known for helping people balance their spiritual and physical world through education and study.

“You can take as few as five minutes a day to meditate,” said Jian. “Don’t go through the day robotically. If you take five minutes to meditate and three for self-awareness, it’s enough. Sometimes we do that, not meditate, and we forget who we are.”

Jian believes it’s important “to reach the next spiritual level.”

“Being aware of where you are is important,” she said. “Sometimes we aren’t even aware if we’re happy or not. We are really going through life robotically.”

Most of the people who come to Vital Transformation, come to find a deeper meaning to their lives.

“If they are happy, what else can they add to it,” said Jian. “It’s about learning more spiritual tools and education.”

Jian said most people don’t know the importance of prioritizing relationships with other human beings.

“Just doing that, can make a huge difference in someone’s life,” she said.

Jian believes Vital Transformation has an answer for those who have become anxious, scared and fearful due to the pandemic.

“First we need to understand we are part of a bigger picture,” she said. “There is a creator. Even though you can’t see the good, some good will come out of this. People have been at home so long — they are reacquainted with their family. That’s good. Others became more aware. That’s also good.”

In order to achieve inner peace and to understand one’s self, Jian admits there is a lot of work involved.

“First, the work begins by accepting ourselves the way we are and accepting our flaws,” said Jian. “Our flaws are not who we are. Just know how to use them.”

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