Reality star balances relationships and more in novel ‘Lyrical Chaos’

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Lyric, a reality star, learns that life in the spotlight isn’t as fun as it seems. She’s dealing with relationship drama from her fiancé and his family while also trying to legitimize herself as an actress and tapping into her vocal talents.  How will Lyric survive the chaos?

Find out in, “Lyrical Chaos” by Samantha Sanchez.

“Lyrical Chaos” is the second book of a planned trilogy balancing fame, God and church politics.

As with “Prodigal,” the first book in the trilogy, “Lyrical Chaos” was also inspired by the author’s real-life experiences presented in the context of what it would be like as a young celebrity in the age of social media.

“I’ve been in a toxic and abusive relationship,…”  Sanchez said. “Whether the abuse is physical, mental or emotional, it still leaves a mark and causes varying levels of trauma that present themselves in different ways.”

Story elements include toxic and abusive relationships, sisterhood, church politics and more.

It was important for Sanchez to create a story that readers facing similar circumstances relationships and the effects they have on self-perceptions could relate to.

“When I was going through what I was going through in my relationships, I let it affect the way I felt and thought about myself; I felt stupid, inadequate, weak,…” Sanchez said.

“I felt trapped and wrong for being myself and I wanted to share those experiences in a way that others might be able to identify with and know that they deserve better, they deserve to be able to define themselves for themselves no matter what other people or even ‘friends’ think about it.”

“Lyrical Chaos” is intended for young adult readers, the population of those who enjoy reality television, and books that reflect relatable experiences.

“I hope readers will see parts of themselves somewhere in one of the characters and be able to see things from a perspective that they might not have bothered to at look before,” Sanchez said. “Everyone is so quick to judge and make up their minds about someone or something without really trying to understand that person or that issue first.”

In addition to being an author, Sanchez is a tutor and works at a retirement center. She is based in San Diego. To learn more about her, visit and on Facebook @samanthassanchezauthor.

“Lyrical Chaos” is available for $16 on Amazon.

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