‘Sisters of Watts’ sponsors free community breakfast

By Slauson Girl

Contributing Writer 

WATTS — The Sisters of Watts celebrated the brithday of co-founder Robin Daniels earlier this month by serving a free breakfast to the community.

Anyone who showed up was served eggs, sausage and pancakes in take-out containers. 

“It is important for Sisters of Watts to give back because we know a lot of families are struggling to feed their kids,” Daniels said. “A lot of people reach out to us with help for food or help with bills.”

The Sisters of Watts have been serving the Watts community since 2015. The group operated without official nonprofit status for years, helping families who reached out to them for support. They also hosted various community events and food drives. 

Now that Sisters of Watts has its official nonprofit status, its efforts are being highlighted and companies that can assist their efforts, are beginning to reach out. 

It was among 56 local nonprofits selected to take part in the 2022 Super Bowl Legacy program. The NFL provided the organization $10,000 “to help give back to our community,” Daniels said. “It was a good feeling to be recognized.”

Robin and her sister Kiesha grew up in Franklin Square and remember they could always go to their neighbors house if they needed something, or to share a meal.

“Growing up it wasn’t bad back then, when we were little,” Daniels said. “We all played outside together and we were like a big family. We ate at our neighbor’s house.”

Daniels shared some of the short-term goals that the Sisters of Watts have including developing an after-school program for youth, as well as exploring ways to take them outside the community on field trips. 

“We try to show them a lot of things outside of Watts,” she said. “Not just go to school and go home. We took kids to Magic Johnson Park since they remodeled and they were so happy to see the ducks and lake.”

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