STREET BEAT: ‘How will this Christmas differ from last year?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the University Gardens housing complex near USC.

Gregory Young
Long Beach
“I will be a lot more interactive. I’m actually going to have an opportunity to kiss a couple of beautiful sister-friends on the cheek because I did all of my due diligence medically.”
Christy Stanley
Los Angeles
“Last year I was all alone and it was kind of sad. This year I am looking forward to being with my daughter and my grandkids. … I am spending a lot more money this year … but it’s worth it.”
Mia Robinson
Los Angeles
“Since my grandkids live with me, it’s not as different as it could’ve been, but it feels different. We’ve been able to go out and shop.”
Marcus Hill
Los Angeles
“Totally different. … This year my brother and his family are flying in from Texas, which was out of the question last year. My sister and her kids will be here.”


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