STREET BEAT: ‘How would you grade President Biden’s performance so far?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in downtown Los Angeles.

Mary Jones
Long Beach
“I’d give President Biden a B-minus because I think his presentation needs a little polishing up. … I think he is a little unprofessional in the way he speaks about certain things.”
Louis George
Long Beach
“I would give him a B-plus. I think he has a lot of [good] intentions, … but the virus set him back. Then he had to try to clean up some of the negative stuff that Trump did.”
Robin Thorne
Long Beach
“At this time, I would not give him a grade because it’s such a transitional time in our country that it’s really hard. … So I think it’s still too early.”
Linda Morgan Sam
Long Beach
“I would give him a D because he has not been able to effectively move the Republican Congress. I know and understand the politics of it. Mitch McConnell was an obstructionist with Barack, so what did he think?”
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