STREET BEAT: ‘What was the last movie you saw at a theater?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.


Louis Turner
“It was probably ‘Black Panther.’ I was worried about my health and I haven’t been to the movies in almost three years. I was trying to stay alive.”
Bobby Patterson
“‘King Richard.’ I liked it a lot. I think Will Smith did a great job. It was very entertaining. I didn’t know that much about Venus and Serena. I’m glad he won best actor.”
Roberto Primo
“I don’t like movies. I’m too old for watching movies. My family goes and I think they saw ‘The Batman.’ They said it was very good.”
Rhonda Foster
“‘King Richard.’ It was good on many levels. I liked it and I’m glad Will Smith won. It was too bad about what happened because I think it took away from his winning.”


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