‘What is your favorite Halloween memory?’


Claire Phillips

Las Vegas

“When I was 6, I got a chance to meet my sister and mom for the first real time. … I got to dress up as Bell and my other niece dressed up as Cinderella. … It was super cool and I got a lot of candy.”  

Yvonne Smith


“When I was a little girl, we had Halloween parades at school. We used to dress up and come to school and everyone would parade around the playground.”

Mary Campbell

Culver City

“Taking my kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood when they were little. They would get so excited about everything — picking their costume, seeing their friends, getting the candy.”


Ava Thomas

Los Angeles

“When I went to a Halloween party with my boyfriend at the time. He was Shaft and I was Catwoman. He had a fake mustache and side burns.”


Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Fox Hills Park, Culver City.

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