21 people arrested in unemployment fraud scheme

An L.A. Times project found that over half of Angelenos are not wearing masks in public spaces or are wearing them incorrectly.

Police arrested 21 people who were part of an alleged fraud ring that filed more than $250,000 worth of false unemployment claims using the personal information of 30 California inmates. — FOX Los Angeles

An on-the-ground mask use tracking project by the L.A. Times found thatonly 42% of people observed in L.A. and Orange counties wore masks correctly, while 10% of them wore masks incorrectly and 47% were not wearing masks at all. — L.A. Times

With schools providing online-only instruction, the number of children receiving flu vaccines has decreased, according to state health officials.They urge people to get the vaccine to avoid an uptick in flu hospitalizations that may take up resources needed for coronavirus patients. — ABC Los Angeles

As Angelenos remain indoors, illegal trash dumping in L.A. is reaching new highs, and some local garbage hauling is increasing by more than 85%. — Crosstown