[AD] How to help your child safely transition to in-person learning at Los Angeles Unified

This is a Paid Advertorial- This was not Written by the LA Wave 

Across the Los Angeles Unified School District, this week campuses are abuzz with the shuffle of shoes and backpacks – students rushing to get to school, greet friends, teachers, principals, coaches and other school staff.

As always, the early morning catches parents busy dropping off their children at school gates and offering last-minute dos and don’ts. This time, however, they’ll provide extra precautionary instructions for wearing and keeping their masks on during the school day and following other COVID protocols, beginning with 3 easy questions about COVID exposure meant to keep them and their school community safe.

The school day begins several hours before each student arrives on campus. This means that this year, after being away from campus for more than 15 months, students will require added support in the home.

Here are three simple, but critical steps you can take to make sure that your child will have a smooth transition to campus, stay safe, be successful, and enjoy the new school experience.

  1. Elevate the Hero – No matter the grade level, let your children know that they are heroes when they wear their masks, because by doing this they are protecting themselves and those around them. They are saving lives.
  1. Be a Role Model – As parents, and our children’s first teachers, we have a unique opportunity to serve as role models. At this critical time, the best lesson we can teach is one of personal and community responsibility by doing our part to stop the spread of COVID. You can protect all children and increase safety on campus by vaccinating all eligible members of your household.
  1. Be a Safety Ambassador – Spread the word, be a safety ambassador in your home and at school. While it’s true that Los Angeles Unified has the highest COVID safety standards and protocols in place of any school district in the country, we can’t do this work alone. We need parents and staff to partner with us and help spread the word about school district resources aimed at ensuring families stay safe and informed as we transition to full-day in-person learning.

For more information, you can call the Los Angeles Unified Family Hotline (213) 443-1300, and visit the Los Angeles Unified website at: https://achieve.lausd.net/backtoschool