Author presents path to healing in book about American slavery

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Healing the Wounds of American Slavery,” by Payge Means Hopper, is an exciting new book that presents a path to healing as it exposes the deliberate and strategic nature of the institution of American slavery.

The book came from the author’s 20-year process of healing.

“Along my journey, the question presented itself: ‘Why do [Black Americans] continue to repeat painful, counter-productive, cyclic patterns, when it is our intention to behave differently?,’” Hopper said. “Deep reflection, research, learning, and discovery unearthed an epiphany; the issues that are plaguing us have roots planted 400 years ago.”

It was important for Hopper to share her book rather than hoard all of the knowledge she has gained.

“I wrote the book because once I discovered the effects of what happened to our ancestors — the emotional, psychological, and physiological damage — and how these wounds are playing out in us, four centuries later, I knew I had to share,” the author said.

The unique work is divided into three parts: the background and history, the wounds and the healing. It’s made up of fictional stories to recap history, poetry, letters and personal stories of Hopper and her family.

Hopper addresses about 40 wounds in her book including, contained rage, being vulnerable and unprotected, bitterness, despair, comparison and masking and pretending.

“Healing the Wounds of American Slavery” will provide readers of all backgrounds with the knowledge and history needed to understand the undeniable effects of American slavery and move toward a path of healing.

“I hope my readers will gain a sense of hope through the paradigm shift my book provides,” Hopper said. “I hope they will begin to connect the dots between what happened during slavery and our experience as Black Americans now, so we can begin to undo the damage, and heal.”

“Healing the Wounds of American Slavery” is Hopper’s first book. She is currently working on a workbook component to the book that will be available this fall.

In addition to being an author, Hopper is speaker, coach, and founder of Heaven on Earth Empire Publications and Media Company. She lives in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and to stay up do date on signings and events, visit

“Healing the Wounds of American Slavery” is available for $25 via The price includes shipping and handling. There’s a 10% discount for bulk copies.

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