Author searches for ways to relate pain in new book


By Marissa Wells

“If My Vagina Could Talk” by Lyndia Lipscomb with Destiny De La Rosa, Tricia Wolak, Rebecca Rockingham and Kimberley Grimes tells the stories of five women and their journeys of marriage, motherhood, sex, money and singlehood.

“The mission was to help other women that may have suffered emotional, physical or mental abuse,” Lipscomb said. “I believed that if I helped one woman change her life by reading this book, then mission accomplished.”

This is Lipscomb’s first book and was inspired by a desire to share her story.

“I had suffered so much emotional abuse from a religious cult and an abusive marriage that it almost crippled me for life,” Lipscomb said. “But, more importantly, I knew there were other women that may have suffered similar pain and I wanted them to know that they were not alone, and it was OK to tell their stories.”

It was important for Lipscomb to create a book where women could break their silence on the adversities they face and hopefully take back control of their lives.

“I wanted to give them hope, life and a self-awareness and self-healing path that could give them the freedom to rekindle their life and to find their purpose,” Lipscomb said.

The book is intended for female readers of all backgrounds.

“Women that have endured many challenges in life through marriage, childbirth, relationships, motherhood, and more importantly, physical and emotional abuse from a significant other or any tragedy that may have once crippled them through their life’s journey,” Lipscomb said.

Readers are presented with a light and easy read that offers hope.

“The one main message that I hope my readers take away from reading my book is that love and abuse come in many colors; some are vivid and some not so vivid, but either way you do not have to become a victim to life’s challenges and tragedies,” the author said.

In addition to being an author, Lipscomb owns her own publishing company, Readapy Publishing, and she’s an image and brand builder. She lives in Texas. To learn more about the author and her work visit,

“If My Vagina Could Talk” is available for $14.99 (retail) or $9.99 (E-Book) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Books a Millon, Google Books, and Indiebound.