Author shares compelling story of immigration in new memoir

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Greenwich Meridian Memoir,” by Emma Palova, is a new family saga that tells the compelling story of love and immigration from the former nation of Czechoslovakia to the United States.

The story spans two generations of the Konecny family and happens during two historic events showing readers how individuals will do whatever it takes to realize their dream.

“Greenwich Meridian Memoir” was inspired by Palova’s journey of naturalization to become an American citizen in 1999.

“I was working at the Ionia Sentinel-Standard as a reporter at the time; the paper did a big article about the naturalization and our immigration story to the U.S. behind it,” Palova said. “I received hundreds of congratulatory phone calls from all over Michigan; I thought to myself if this many people are interested in our story, why not write a book.”

It was important for Palova to write the book that highlights her family’s story.

“I pursued my dream of writing despite various challenges presented by the communist regime,” Palova said. “I wanted to share our immigration story with the public at large.”

Also, it was important for Palova to diversify the book by including multiple points of view.

“I wanted to make it entertaining from several points of view,” Palova said. “That is why I incorporated into the memoir my parent’s own accounts of emigration and my husband’s story.”

The account of her father’s escape is one of the author’s favorite parts of her book.

“He writes about what he had to do to escape the country and the direct conflict of him being a math teacher,” Palova said. “He trains himself to swim across the Black Sea if he has to follow plan B, which never happens, but he did train for that.”

“Greenwich Meridian Memoir” will move readers as it addresses the realties and complexities of immigration.

“I hope the readers will gain an insight into immigration and emigration; what it means to leave your homeland and to assimilate into a new culture,” Palova said.

In addition to being an author, Palova is a website designer. She also designs newsletters for different historical societies. To learn more about the author and her work, visit

“Greenwich Meridian Memoir” is available for $19.99 on Amazon,, and through Ingram Distribution.

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