Author shines spotlight on broken foster care system


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“552 Hades,” by Andrean Jacobs, is a short novel, set in Elgin, Illinois, that tells the true story of a group of foster children’s struggle to survive the mental, physical and sexual abuse endured at the hands of their caretakers while living in a haunted house.

The thought-provoking novel is based on a true story that the author experienced with her siblings while living with their great aunt, her husband and their four foster children.

“I was a child that lived in this abusive and evil environment,” Jacobs said. “I was inspired to write my story for personal healing and to also bring awareness to America’s broken foster system; so many children suffer in silence and they shouldn’t have to.”

“552 Hades” chronicles the children’s experience as they band together in their struggle to survive an abusive home life while also balancing their activities outside of the home as well, such as school and church participation.

“It’s a story about perseverance and survival,” Jacobs said. “This book has some highs and lows and would be a great read for teens and adults.”

Inside “552 Hades,” Jacobs shares lessons regarding living a faith-based life, resiliency, the importance of checking in with children, not turning a blind eye to injustice and more.

“I hope readers will gain empathy for foster children and awareness about the broken system,” Jacobs said.

It was important for the author to create a book that brings awareness to the issues in the foster care system.

“Awareness brings change,” Jacobs said. “If people can begin to question this broken system then change can begin to happen.”

In addition to being an author, Jacobs is a supervisor for the city of Long Beach. She works at a facility with kids, teens and adults with special needs. She also speaks with teen groups about mental illness, in particular depression and anxiety.

The author of half a dozen books, Jacobs is currently working on a book geared towards women of color and the importance of prioritizing their mental health. For more information about the author, visit

“552 Hades” is available for $10 via, Amazon and other online book selling platforms.

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