BOOK CORNER: Author shares testimony of hope in ‘The Grace to Walk Away’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Grace to Walk Away: My Journey to God’s Love,” by Janette Auguar, is an inspiring memoir chronicling the author’s journey through life and the lessons she has learned along the way.

“It notes the navigation, or should I say the navigator, through a broken childhood, poor decisions, rejection, abandonment, heartbreak, failed relationships, single parenting and more,” Auguar said.

The idea to write the book came from Auguar’s need of an outlet to work through the pain she was experiencing.

“I found writing what I was going through, as I was going through it, to be therapeutic, a cleansing, a way to release some of the pressure of the pain,” Auguar said. “Later my inspiration to flush it out was rooted in the revelation of what God had done and the sincere belief that my story could help someone else.”

“The Grace to Walk Away” will present readers with lessons about leaning on God, walking in faith, the promises of God and more.

“My journey will encourage women to keep going no matter the situation they find themselves in,” Auguar said. “The situation is only permanent if you do not have the grace to walk away.”

“The Grace to Walk Away” will be inspiring for women who find themselves in “crushing” situations. The book can also prove to be enlightening for men.

“The audience will become cognizant of the roles we all play in the lives of others and help us to examine whether we leave them with stars or scars,” Auguar said.

The author desires that readers receive hope from reading her book.

“I want the reader to gain that [hope] and an assurance that whatever the life-altering situation they find themselves in, it is temporary,” Auguar said. “Instead of reacting to emotional devastations that could go completely awry, having ‘The Grace to Walk Away’ lends itself to the time that’s needed to catch the revelation of why things happened the way they did.”

In addition to being an author, Auguar is a family service sales manager. For more information about the author and her work. visit

“The Grace to Walk Away: My Journey to God’s Love” is available for $18 on Amazon.