Authors pen self-discovery book ‘Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You’


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You,” by Habiba Zaman and Shalom Irving, is an exciting new book that will send readers on a journey of self-discovery.

The book enables readers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of who they are, the factors that have contributed to their current state, and how to work towards change.

It was inspired by the authors desire to share methods to discover one’s truest self.

“Shalon Irving (my coauthor) and I had spoken about the need for growth and knowledge of self in order to achieve any kind of change in our lives and how this understanding may be a common belief, and yet how to achieve it is what eludes all of us,” Zaman said.

As health care professionals, the purpose for creating the book was deeper than sharing knowledge.

“It is a physical representation of what it takes and what it took to recognize a need to make a change in one’s current existence, to the person and life we are wanting to create,” Zaman said. “It is similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes where the uncertainty, doubt and fear can seem excruciating and yet, once the process is complete, the core of who you are can never be shaken again.”

Inside the book, the authors include practical tools and they address topics such as co-dependency, imposter syndrome and more. There also are activities within the book to help guide readers to where they want to be.

Zaman’s favorite part of the book are the vignettes.

“They are a raw, exposed and vulnerable window into the human condition and, more specifically, a window into our souls,” Zaman said. “How could I possibly hope or expect our readers to be able to face their truths in this way if I were unwilling to do so myself?”

It is the authors hope that readers will be moved by their words and bring real change to their lives.

“Beautifully Bare Undeniably You” may inspire adults of all backgrounds seeking change in their lives.

In addition to being an author, Zaman is a therapist who specializes in trauma. She is based in Tucker, Georgia. To learn more about the author and her work visit

“Beautifully Bare Undeniably You” is available for $10.99 (paperback) and $17.99 (hardcover) via,, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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