‘Besides COVID-19, what issue most concerns you?’


Malik Walker

Los Angeles

“Schools. I’m a school district worker. I feel our community could get better through schools. … I think the community should get together with the school districts and try to get the kids back on campus.”

Veronica Delgado

Los Angeles

“A lot of kids are missing out on school. They are not interacting with other kids like they’re supposed to be. I think that will be a big learning problem for them.”

Evelyn Hernandez

Los Angeles

“Biden doing more things for the Mexicans, like giving them papers and being more fair to them. Trump wasn’t that fair to Mexicans and I feel Biden will be.”

Tawana Caldwell

Los Angeles

“Maintaining family structure during COVID and the lack of resources. People are running out of food, water and other necessities that they’re not able to get to due to COVID and shipping that’s being held up.”

Tykee Hall

Long Beach

“People’s health, everybody’s wellbeing and their immune systems and breathing. I had two relatives die last year from COVID-19 and they both had complications. We need more healthy people. Employment is important, too.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in South Los Angeles.