BOOK CORNER: Author addresses sexual assault in new memoir

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Helplessness: What Happens to Brothers When We Learn Our Sisters Have Been Molested by Our Parents?” by Keeper Catran-Whitney is an upcoming memoir detailing the author’s 45-year journey of abandonment, betrayal, guilt, trauma, shame, regret and drive to reclaim the honor and respect of his sisters.

“This is the story of how I lost myself and how I spent four decades trying to recapture myself — any part of myself,” said Catran-Whitney. “It is a story of finding retribution and revenge 45 years later in the most unlikely of places in front of more than 100 people — a church.”

It was important for the author to create a book that contributes to the conversation of sexual abuse and the impact it has on brothers especially.

“We begin the conversation between brothers and sisters, men and women, so alliances can be forged to help all victims of sexual abuse, …,” Catran-Whitney said. “Systems and tools must be created at the education, clinical, social, law enforcement and legislative levels to support millions of brothers who suffer PTSD associated with the shame and guilt of not being able to save our sisters and being told we cannot speak to them or anyone about our feelings.”

“Helplessness” is intended for siblings, families, religious and social groups, schools, law enforcement and members of clinical, psychological and political communities.

“I want all readers, sisters, brothers, and families to have ah-ha moments while reading ‘Helplessness’ so that they realize that child sexual abuse in the home gets solved through open and candid conversation,” Catran-Whitney said. “I want readers to commit to helping brothers, providing them with the tools they need to battle mental and emotional illness that haunts them.”

“Helplessness” is the first in a series of three books that chronicle Catran-Whitney’s journey.

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“Helplessness: What Happens to Brothers When We Learn Our Sisters Have Been Molested by Our Parents?” will be available in bookstores in summer 2023. A pdf version of the book is currently available to media/book reviewers, mental/psychological health leaders and spiritual and clergy leaders through contacting Flo Jenkins via email addresses or