BOOK CORNER: Author pens inspiring climbing memoir ‘Finding Elevation’

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Finding Elevation: Self Discovery at 28,000 Feet,” by Lisa Thompson, is a compelling memoir offering a deep exploration into human motivation and risk-taking. It focuses on Thompson’s life primarily between 2015 and 2018.

“During that time, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I got divorced, quit my corporate job and sold nearly everything I owned. My father sadly died of cancer during that time,” said the author. “So there are a lot of reflections and anecdotes about heartbreak and resilience and what happens when we face our fears head on.”

Thompson was inspired to write her book following her cancer diagnosis.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer I turned to journaling as a way to process the pain and grief that I felt,” Thompson said. “At some point, I realized that other people who are struggling would benefit from my experiences.”

Inside the book, Thompson reflects on the literal and figurative mountains she has climbed throughout her life. She details experiences she had during her childhood, her first corporate job experience, how to navigate the challenges of being the only woman in her position, divorce, cancer and more.

“The first few years of climbing were about proving myself,” Thompson said. “I found an incredible mix of physical challenge and mental challenge and an opportunity to feel strong and confident and do things that people thought I couldn’t do.”

Some of the mountains mentioned in the book include K2, Mount Everest and Mount Rainier.

“Finding Elevation” is an inspiring book for readers looking to tackle their goals and express their own inner voice.

“I believe that people of all genders who are interested in mountains and intense activities will be drawn to it,” said the author. “I think that the bigger cohort will be women and other people who have been marginalized or ignored or told that they shouldn’t or couldn’t do something.”

In addition to being an author, Thompson is the founder of Alpine Athletics, where she coaches mountaineers of all levels to prepare for their climbs. For more information about the author, visit

To stay up to date on book readings visit her on Instagram: LisaClimbs.

“Finding Elevation: Self Discovery at 28,000 Feet” will be available for $25.95 (hardcover) and $11.99 (ebook) everywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and indie bookstores. The book will be available Jan. 10, 2023.

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