BOOK CORNER: Author pens self-help guide  to lead others to ‘happy’ place

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“28 Days to Happy,” by Leslie Pogue, is a new motivational book that will guide readers on a journey to become their best selves.

“This book will help you acknowledge the reality of your life and be OK with it enough to move on to the next step,” Pogue said. “You will harness the organic power that is already within you and live in your happy.”

“28 Days to Happy” was initially written for the author herself, to help her escape a dark period in her life.

“My book was inspired by my depression and the movie ‘28 Days,’ starring Sandra Bullock,” said the author. “I was in a dark place and I created a 28-day, step-by-step process for myself that worked for me, and it ultimately became my first book.”

“28 Days to Happy” presents readers with stories from the author’s own life, lessons, anecdotes and action items, all aimed to provoke thought.

“Each day has a story, a lesson and there’s usually an action item with each day, so the reader is engaged and actively changing their life throughout those 28 days,” Pogue said. “My intended audience is women aged 20 to 55, but the tools in my book will help anyone that uses them, men and women alike.”

The author shares tools that will guide readers through accepting reality, forgiveness, identifying and celebrating happiness and more.

“I want to help people, at least, get to a place where they can begin to manage their depression,” Pogue said. “Also, because even with a good support system it is still up to the individual to manage their mental wellness, I wanted to show them that it can be done by beginning to address the things they don’t really want to, or aren’t ready to admit to themselves.”

Originally published in 2011, a second edition was published in February. 

In addition to being an author, Pogue is a mental wellness consultant, life coach and speaker. She is based in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“28 Days to Happy” is available for $12.95 (print) and $6 (eBook) via and Amazon. The book will soon be available via Etsy.

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