BOOK CORNER: Author seeks to connect readers to their purpose in new book

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Kingdom Mentalities: Activating Your Internal Dominion,” by Mark Hollomon, is a thought-provoking book designed to “re-connect mankind to their original God-given purpose of rulership, power, dominion and control in the Earth realm.”

In the book, Hollomon shares 12 kingdom mindsets, packaged in short phrases and precise concepts, that readers can meditate on.

“A kingdom mentality is a mindset of seeking first the government of God and staying in alignment with that government in your life,” Hollomon said.

“Kingdom Mentalities” was inspired by a class Hollomon instructed.

“I was helping to teach a class of young people in kingdom diplomacy, and kingdom mentalities were given to me one by one over time to assist them in going beyond getting excited about the information they were learning and to really change the way they thought about themselves and their circumstances,” Hollomon said. “I was told by the lead teacher that I needed to put the [kingdom mentalities] in book form; I initially resisted, but eventually obeyed the ‘call.’”

It was important for Hollomon to write a book that will provide some sort of guidance for readers.

“Mankind is so far removed from our original purpose that the concept of being royal and acting royally almost seems to be a foreign concept, but our very sense of fulfillment, peace and joy are predicated upon us walking in our God-ordained purpose,” Holloman said. “‘Kingdom Mentalities’ was written to help facilitate this return to ‘Eden.’”

“Kingdom Mentalities” is intended for all persons, with a special focus on the religious community.

“Religion has sought to pacify the nagging on the inside of us caused by our separation from our source, but that itch can only be scratched by reconnecting to that source and thereby re-connecting to ourselves and our original purpose,” Hollomon said.

The author hopes that his book has a positive impact on readers.

“I trust that KM will help the reader to re-connect to who they were created to be and inspire and equip them to walk in their dominion mandate,” Hollomon said.

In addition to being an author, Hollomon is a firefighter paramedic and basketball coach. He is based in the Baldwin Vista community of Los Angeles. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“Kingdom Mentalities: Activating Your Internal Dominion” is available for $15 on and Amazon.