BOOK CORNER: Author shares personal journey  through son’s opioid addiction

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Flight: My Opioid Journey,” by Cammie Wolf Rice, is a moving memoir that chronicles the author’s personal journey through the opioid epidemic that claimed her son’s life.

“I talk about his illness, what happened to him, specifically, and why he got on opioids, but then I also share what my mission is and what I’m doing about that now, after his passing,” Rice said.

Within the book, Rice describes her struggle to make sense of losing her son. She addresses various aspects of addiction, like signals to look for, people who hide their addictions, relapses, the effects of the disease and much more. She also shares information about her own life.

“It took me two years to say Christopher had an overdose, because of the stigma,” Rice said. “Once I realized that if I turned my pain into purpose I could help prevent other parents from losing their children, I had to get to the masses.”

“The Flight” is intended for a broad audience that not only includes grieving parents but also the health care industry. Rice hopes readers gain an understanding of the dangers of opioids, substance misuse and of available resources.

Rice’s favorite part of “The Flight” is the chapter where she hears the voice of her son, Christopher.

“I think that chapter really gives people hope,” she said. “I think it provides peace for people that have lost their children, specifically.”

Rice offers not only resources for readers, but practical tips for those who might be experiencing, or have experienced, what she has. In the back of the book there’s a QR code readers can scan to access a resource library and music playlist that Rice curated and consistently updates.

In addition to being an author, Rice is an advocate and professional philanthropist. She also chairs the Board of Directors for Usher’s New Look Foundation. She is based in Atlanta. 

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“The Flight: My Opioid Journey” is available for $22.46 (hard copy), $18.95 (paperback), and $8.95 (Kindle) via,, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.