BOOK CORNER: Author writes story of resiliency  and human kind in ‘Road to Elysium’

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Ken Hines who has experienced unspeakable tragedy, now finds himself haunted by the attempt of two young men to rob his home. Ken seeks to understand the motivations of the two young men. 

In his quest for answers, he encounters Mykel, a courageous young man who asks Ken to teach him how to throw a football. This simple decision leads to Ken becoming Mykel’s mentor and sparks a neighborhood game that goes viral, turning them into local celebrities. 

As the story unfolds, we uncover the secret behind Ken’s depression, which ultimately transforms not only his life and Mykel’s but also the entire community.

So goes “Road to Elysium” by Kay A. Oliver.

The book was inspired by a story she heard while watching the news. 

“Near the end there was an uplifting segment about a man mentoring a young boy; the young boy approached him on the street and asked if he could help him,” Oliver said. “Immediately I went online to find out more and found nothing.”

Oliver knew this was a story that had to be told. 

“What moved me about this story is that fact that it was a gutsy move for the boy to walk up to a man he did not know and make a request of him and gutsy for the man to say yes to a boy he knew nothing about,” Oliver said. “I could not believe this set of true events had not been shared.”

Inside the book, readers will journey with Ken and Mykel as Ken mentors Mykel through the twists and turns in his life and as Ken navigates his own depression. 

“‘Road to Elysium’ speaks to depression, overcoming difficulties, and it speaks to giving back,” Oliver said. “The truth is, when you feel less formulate, helping others is a great way to realize what you do have. Mentoring the boy helps the boy, but it also helps Ken.”

The book will be relatable to male and female readers of all backgrounds as it highlights e topics such as depression, racism, resiliency, marriage and more.

In addition to being an author, Oliver is semi-retired from the entertainment industry. She is based in Orange County. For more information about Oliver and her work,

“Road to Elysium” is available for $9.99 (paperback), $16.99 (hardcover), $2.99 (eBook), and $7.49 (Audiobook) via, Amazon and Audible worldwide.

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