BOOK CORNER: Authors writes devotional for family caregivers

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The God Who Sees You: Devotional Journey for the Family Caregiver,” by Greta L. Bennett, is a six-month scripture-based devotional designed to aid family caregivers through the difficulties of caregiving. 

The book was inspired by the author’s experience being a caregiver for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“The Lord used the 12 years to draw me closer to Him and closer to my mother,” Bennett said. “As a result, although the journey was emotionally exhausting, I was able to embrace my role and learn how to enjoy the season despite the emotional toll.”

“The God Who Sees You” is filled with 180 days worth of devotions centered around the various emotions the author experienced as she cared for her mother. The emotions include frustration, anger, fear and worry, loneliness, tired or weariness, sorrow and grief.

“Every five devotionals or five days, there are note pages in the book so that the person reading it can kind of journal what they’re going through in response to the devotion that they just read,” Bennett said.

It was important for Bennett to write a book dedicated to caregivers.

“Family caregivers are increasing and there are not a lot of resources that help prepare them for physical, spiritual and emotional demands,” Bennett said. “Even though there is a growing number of family caregivers, everyone’s journey as a caregiver is unique.”

“The God Who Sees You” will be a beneficial book to the family caregivers that are often unnoticed and carry the full weight of caring for their loved ones. 

“It equips readers by consistently reminding them that God is with them and that God loves them,” the author said. 

Bennett said she hopes that readers gain three key pieces of information after reading her book. “First, to know they are not alone; second, that God Sees them and will help them through; and third, peace.”

In addition to being an author, Bennett is a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a current doctoral student at Fuller Theological Seminary. She is based in Pasadena. To connect with the author, visit her via Facebook and Instagram @GretaLBennett.

“The God Who Sees You: Devotional Journey for the Family Caregiver” is available for $25 on Amazon or by emailing