BOOK CORNER: Black author writes urban fantasy series for young people

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Jimmy, saddened by the tragedies of his life, has decided to run away from home. He meets a man who shares his passion for music.

They are both transported by a piano to a magical parallel dimension where they must try and stop an evil and power-hungry conductor from possessing the residents of the town of Harmony. Will Jimmy and his friends be able to protect everyone?

Find out in “The Music Man” series by Moonyani Write.

“The Music Man” is a coming-of-age series that was inspired by some of the author’s interests.

“I love music, superheroes and magic,” Write said. “Also, Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia inspired me.”

Write, who has enjoyed the fantasy genre since she was a kid, noticed the underrepresentation of characters of color and felt it was important to produce a fantasy book series where the majority of the characters are Black.

“There may be another person like me that likes fantasy but doesn’t want to get into that genre because they don’t see themselves represented,” Write said. “That’s kind of what inspires me because there could be other kids or adults that would love to write or read this genre but there needs to be more characters that look like us so that they want to read it more.”

Throughout the series, Jimmy and his friends are faced with obstacles and adventures that involve witches, spells, navigating through two dimensions, familial, friend and romantic relationships, staying focused in school and more.

Jimmy and his friends age throughout “The Music Man” the book series. The books are intended for middle school children, teenagers and young adults.

It’s the author’s hope that her book proves to be encouraging for readers.

“I hope they gain insight on challenges people face and why one must not give up,” Write said. “There are also many lessons in the series that I think people will learn from.”

Readers of “The Music Man” series will encounter lessons around navigating loss, being raised in single parent households, the impact of power and more.

In addition to being an author, Write is an artist and musician. She is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

For more information about the author and her work, visit or Instagram @moonyaniwrite_.

“The Music Man: Book One” is available for $19.99 via Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.