BOOK CORNER: Book offers readers a path to new lifestyle, better health

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Human Being Diet” by Petronella Ravenshear is a book that offers readers a blueprint for feasting and fasting their way to their best selves.

“The Human Being Diet is a take on the famously healthy Mediterranean diet style of eating – three meals a day including extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, good quality protein and a little fruit,” said Ravenshear. “HBD comprises four phases and 10 golden rules and it guides readers through an easy-to-follow three-month program that leads into a new lifestyle forever.”

Ravenshear is a nutritionist and her book was inspired by clients she encountered during her 20 years of clinical work.

“I witnessed the curative power of wholesome, minimally processed food on reducing inflammation and on restoring healthy blood sugar levels, which in turn results in bringing hormones back into balance,” Ravenshear said.

The creation of her book allows Ravenshear to democratize health, which is important to the author. 

“I wanted people to know that it’s much easier than they might think to change what they eat in order to change the way they feel and to get more enjoyment out of life,” Ravenshear said. “I am impassioned to spread this message: we can change the way we look and feel by changing what and how we eat.”

“The Human Being Diet” is intended for health-conscious adult readers. The book will empower readers as it offers a painless path to perfect weight, boundless energy, immune resilience, flawless skin, refreshing sleep and healthy digestion.

“It attracts men and women of all ages,” Ravenshear said. “It particularly attracts young women who are plagued with hormonal problems from PCOS to endometriosis and midlife women who suddenly find themselves piling on the pounds — they eat less and exercise more, but their weight keeps increasing, until they discover HBD.”

Ravenshear is based in Palm Beach County, Florida. For more information about the author and her work, visit Readers may also connect with the author via Instagram @petronellaravenshear.

“The Human Being Diet” is available for $20 (paperback) and $9.99 (Kindle) on Amazon.