BOOK CORNER: Designer-turned author shares tips in ‘The Top 15 Mistakes’

By Marissa Wells, Contributing Writer

“The Top 15 Mistakes a #DesignBoss Would Never Make,” by Nikki Chu and Monica Wilcox, is an exciting book for new interior designers, entrepreneurial women and others who are persistent and determined to reach their career goals.

The book was inspired by Chu’s desire to help other entrepreneurs, especially minority men and women interested in the interior design field.

It was important for Chu to share what she’s learned over the years as an interior designer with others.

“I’m passionate about sharing ideas with others and helping them ground their passions into real, tangible outcomes,” Chu said.

“The Top 15 Mistakes” is filled with a variety of practical tips including ‘do’s and don’ts’ that will help place new entrepreneurs on a successful path.

“This book could translate into any business,” Chu said. “Ultimately, the advice is for those in a service-related industry and those that are engaging with clients.”

Some of the tools shared inside the book address how to “shop” with a client’s money, how to present one’s business on social media, how to discern “good” money from “bad” money, and much more.

There also are worksheets and note sections after each chapter of the book which allows readers to further engage with the content.

One of Chu’s favorite parts of her book is a chapter that addresses social media platforms.

“Your social media is another valuable contribution to your virtual identity and should be utilized as such,” Chu said. “There’s strategy in how you post and how you attract clientele through social media while you’re building your brand for design.”

“The Top 15 Mistakes” will inspire all readers as they learn ways to reach greater levels of success.

“I hope readers learn how to discover abundance in a career that can open doors of opportunity to do what you love and make the world beautiful over and over again,” the author said. “The book is an invaluable guide to excellence.”

In addition to being an author and interior designer, Chu is a TV host, and has her own home line, Nikki Chu Home. She is based in Los Angeles and Dallas. To connect with Chu, visit

“The Top 15 Mistakes a #DesignBoss Would Never Make” is available for $19.99 on

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