BOOK CORNER: Author shares tips on teaching reading system in new book

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Carrie Peoples’ Reading System” is an informative book that equips parents and families with the tools to become their children’s first teacher.

“My book offers parents and their children tools to explore knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes associated with their child’s thoughts,” Peoples said. “Talking to and listening to children, you will find they begin early collecting knowledge regarding every activity they participate in concerning their human abilities.”

“Carrie Peoples’ Reading System” was inspired by the author’s work in the field of education and the value she sees in the use of systems.

“Before attending USC, I was a federal education program development specialist and I learned in that assignment to always approach new tasks systematically,” Peoples said. “Before teaching any group, I always built a system.”

Inside her book, Peoples shares the 12 points of the reading system that she created as she prepared to perform student teaching for kindergarteners.

“As soon as a child talks, they should be taught to recognize the symbols that we use to make words, some portion of circles, lines and dots,” Peoples said. “Children as young as 1-1/2 years can be taught to read their thoughts because their thoughts are personal, connected to their being.”

Her favorite system is part eight, which discusses the involvement of a child to own the process of book writing and production.

“Documenting a child’s life in this manner is an important step in pride in one’s accomplishments and the importance of knowing and to recognize one’s self-collection of knowledge,” Peoples said.

“Carrie Peoples’ Reading System” is intended for parents, families and early childhood educators.

It’s the author’s hope that her book proves to be empowering for readers.

“I believe my book allows parents and children to bond closer using this learning process,” Peoples said. “By the time a child reaches kindergarten, they can become authors of their own books about their own lives and topics of interest to them. They can have their own libraries.”

In addition to being an author, Peoples is a retired educator who taught in Los Angeles for over more than two decades. She’s currently based in Atlanta.

“Carrie Peoples’ Reading System” is available for $25 on and Amazon. 


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