BOOK CORNER: Drummer creates training guide to improve musical timing

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“It’s About Time: Designed to Help Drummers Understand, Control, and Improve Their Sense of Time,” by Grammy-nominated musician Fred Dinkins, is an informative book that aids musicians in mastering their timekeeping and “grooving” skills.

“It’s About Time” was inspired by Dinkins’ own journey as a drummer.

“As an inspiring drummer at the time, I was told by a mentor of mine that I needed to understand how to improve my time keeping as a drummer,” Dinkins said. “I saw him do some exercises but I kind of piggy backed off of what he did and made some very simple exercises.”

Later, as a music instructor himself, it was important for Dinkins to share with others the techniques that he created for himself.

“I was teaching at a music school and a lot of people were asking me to put my exercises in book format, so I eventually put it in book form to start helping other people with the same issues,” Dinkins added.

Inside the book, Dinkins includes technical exercises to help musicians develop “rock-solid” time, exercises for creating groove combinations, play along tracks and charts for readers to practice and more.

“It’s About Time” will appeal to drummers and other musicians around the globe.

“A lot of music teachers use it literally across the world; they take some of the simpler exercises in the book to use it for kids but the ages vary,” Dinkins said. “My oldest student right now is 69 and I’ve taught kids as young as 4 years old and I’ve used those methods with them as well.”

Dinkins hopes readers of his book understand their role not only as drummers, but as musicians.

“All musicians have what we call an internal clock and some people’s internal clock is better than others,” he said. “I hope that anyone who works out of my book develops a better sense of time, their inner clock becomes better, and their confidence grows too.”

In addition to being an author and musician, Dinkins is an educator at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He’s also a producer and motivator.

Dinkins is based in Reseda. For more information about the author and his work visit

“It’s About Time: Designed to Help Drummers Understand, Control, and Improve Their Sense of Time” is available for $24 via,, and all other book selling platforms. 



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