BOOK CORNER: Father and daughters explore local parks in series of books

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Hang’n with the Girls,” by Morris Brown, is an exciting 11-book series that chronicles the adventures of Ty, an inquisitive and full of energy little sister, Vanni, a cautious and calm older sister, and their dad as they spend quality time at various parks throughout Southern California.

The book series was inspired by the fun memories the author shared with his daughters. 

“The books are 90% autobiographical and 10% fiction,” Brown said. “All of the stories are actual things that actually happen to us and some are not your typical cute park stories. They have twists and turns so I think it will amuse the readers in that respect.”

It was important for Brown to write a book about their adventures.

“As we all recall when we were growing up, there were always photo albums around the house,” Brown said. “These photo albums chronicle the history of our family in pictures and it was always a joy every so often to open up a family album and reminisce on memories of the events taking place in those pictures, so I wanted to go one step further and put this into a book form as a special gift for my girls.”

He also wanted to shed a bright light on the relationship between a working father and his children.

“I wanted to put out a positive message in the world about an African-American dad who is not the stereotypical African-American dad,” Brown said. “I’m a dad who worked hard during my career in television as an editor for Fox Sports, CNN and NBC. I’m also a dad who loves his kids and spends true quality time with them.”

The “Hang’n with the Girls” children’s book series will be enjoyed by the entire family as it teaches young readers lessons about kindness, compassion and the importance of familial bonds. The reading level is from 1-10 years old.

In addition to being an author, Brown is an educator and artist, and educator. He is based in El Segundo. 

Brown is scheduled to host a book signing at the Inglewood Public Library in March and at the Barnes and Noble Grove location in June. For more information about the author, his work, parenting resources and more, visit 

The “Hang’n with the Girls” children’s book series is available for $12-$18 online via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers.