BOOK CORNER: First-time author explores neurodiversity in new book

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Insight into a Bright Mind,” by Nicole Tetreault, is an informative book that tackles neurodiversity.

“My book explores ground-breaking research examining the experiences of unique, creative and intense brains, weaving interviews, storytelling and literary science, while advocating for new directions and dialogue of human diversity and neurodiversity,” Tetreault said.

“Insight into a Bright Mind” is filled with chapters that will resonate with readers as they help provide more insight into what it means to be neurodiverse.

“Neurodiversity encompasses giftedness, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder,” Tetreault said. “Neurodiverse people perceive and respond to the world with heightened receptivity and processing which originates from their neurobiology and physiology.”

It was important for Tetreault to create a book that revolutionizes one’s thinking about intelligence, creativity and education.

“Through my writing, I want people to know they are OK exactly as they are,” Tetreault said. “My writing is rooted in science and positive psychology for a strong foundation. Then, I slowly open myself in an honest way and hoping people connect with my writing and think, ‘I experience that too.’”

Each chapter begins with a “Dear Letter,” where the author helps readers “land” in the book. Chapters in the book address giftedness, ADHD, anxiety, depression,and much more. Tetreault also includes helpful tips and practices for readers.

“Insight into a Bright Mind” is intended for a wide audience including “parents, educators, psychologists, therapists, neuroscientists, academics, people that are neurodiverse, and people that want to understand neurodiversity,” Tetreault said.

She hopes readers gain compassion through reading her book.

“Compassion for all types of people including neurodiverse people,” Tetreault said. “I hope neurodiversity will be mainstreamed and there will be an acknowledgement of the gift it is to be neurodiverse.”

“Insight into a Bright Mind” is the author’s first book. She’s currently working on more books, including a children’s book on neurodiversity, a book about creativity, the mind and spirituality, and a study guide for “Insight into a Bright Mind.”

In addition to being an author, Tetreault is a neuroscientist, writer, meditation teacher and speaker. She is based in the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles. To learn more about the author, her work, and to stay up to date on speaking engagements, visit

“Insight into a Bright Mind” is available for $28 via and everywhere books are sold.


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