WeHo’s rainbow crosswalks receive updated graphics

Wave Staff Report

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city has installed new graphics that update the city’s rainbow crosswalks and incorporate additional inclusivity design elements to recognize the diverse LGBT community.

“It’s exciting to see the new pride crosswalks being installed,” Mayor Lauren Meister said. “West Hollywood is a city that welcomes all. My hope is that the crosswalks convey that message and a message of inclusiveness. Let us not forget that a rainbow is not just six colors or 10 colors — if it truly represents our community, then it is an infinite number of colors.”

First installed in 2012 based on the design of the iconic rainbow flag, the city’s rainbow crosswalks were the world’s first permanent crosswalks of their kind to embody a theme of pride. During the course of a decade, the bright red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet striped crosswalks garnered worldwide attention and became a symbol of hope, pride and acceptance.

The city’s new inclusive pride crosswalks have been installed at the same location in the heart of the city’s Rainbow District at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards. That intersection has served not only as a focal point of LGBT community-making, but also as a historic spot for protests and activism and the site of countless actions that embrace the catalyst for progress in the fight for full civil and human rights of LGBT people everywhere.

“The new inclusive pride crosswalks demonstrate our city’s commitment to recognizing and honoring all within our LGBT community as well as our acknowledgement that equity is needed for historically marginalized members of our community,” Mayor Pro Tem Sepi Shyne said.

Newly updated crosswalk graphics feature rainbow flag colors in the center of the crosswalk; the overall design has been expanded with a chevron pattern on both sides featuring black and brown stripes to represent LGBT people of color and pink, light blue and white to represent transgender people.

“It’s so great to see this newly painted crosswalk,” Councilman John D’Amico said. “It’s always exciting to see how our city reviews, refines and resets the discussion of acceptance and inclusion.”

“The city of West Hollywood has always been on the forefront of equality, but that doesn’t mean that we’re ever done,” said Councilman John M. Erickson. “Whether this is through our policies or the symbol that West Hollywood represents to the worldwide LGBT community, no matter who you are or how you love, you are welcome here.

“As our community begins the process of opening back up and we continue to plan our inaugural WeHo Pride 2022 celebration, I’m thrilled that the newly installed inclusive pride crosswalks will welcome visitors from around the world to the iconic WeHo Rainbow District as a beacon of diversity, inclusion and forward progress,” Councilwoman Lindsey P. Horvath said.


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