STREET BEAT: ‘When will you feel comfortable not wearing a mask?’

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.

Jason Lewis
Leimert Park
“When I’m outdoors not close to people, I’m comfortable taking the mask off. When I’m indoors, I put the mask on, regardless if it is crowded or not because that’s the guidelines.”
Mark Pampanin
East Los Angeles
“I don’t wear a mask when I’m in the park or outside. That’s one of the good things about L.A. during this pandemic, you can go outside a lot.”
Henry Kingi
Studio City
“I don’t know. When it’s cold, it keeps my face warm. When I go around places that don’t smell good, it keeps out the smell, so that works out pretty good. As far as the virus, I’m kind of off and on with it.”
Alex Brown
Los Angeles
“I really can’t say when I will be 100% comfortable not wearing a mask for the next year or so at least. … I’ll wear it when I need to. If I don’t have to, I won’t.”