BOOK CORNER: ‘Lessons Learned’ offers guide to living, loving and thriving

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Lessons Learned about Life and Love: Living with Intention and with Wisdom from Great Minds,” by Vivianne Knebel, is an insightful book offering a guide to living, loving and thriving in old age.

The book was inspired by Knebel’s husband.

“I was inspired to write my book as a birthday gift for my husband’s 80th birthday as a token of gratitude for always encouraging me to learn and grow and believing in me,” said the author. “For being the wind beneath my wings.”

Inside the book, Knebel shares some of the adversities she has faced in life and how to overcome them such as sexual abuse, a suicide attempt, broken homes and more. She also writes about how she copes with her husband’s challenges.

“I really experienced more hardship and more trauma by the age of 14 than most people have in their lifetime and I overcame,” said the author. “It is amazing what you can do with will, positivity, perseverance, determination. … These things are very important.”

“Lessons Learned about Life and Love” was written for an adult audience.

“I address the aging process; how we need to be creative and cope in flexible ways,” Knebel said. “To stay open to the beauty of life; to see aging as a journey to find greater wisdom, meaning, and value.”

“Lessons Learned about Life and Love” will show readers how to deal with challenges and to find the good in chaos and adverse situations.

“My book pushes people to work hard, better themselves and to find the good in even adverse situations,” Knebel said. “I know my book can help people, but they have to want it, to be determined and persevere and go through it.”

It’s the author’s hope that her book is encouraging for readers.

“I hope readers will learn that in purpose we find our answer; purpose breeds resilience,” Knebel said. “We can learn to become resilient and gain something positive for ourselves even during the tragedy.”

In addition to being an author, Knebel participates in speaking engagements and hosts her own podcast, “Lessons Learned about Life and Love.” For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Lessons Learned about Life and Love: Living with Intention and with Wisdom from Great Minds” is available for $23.95 (hardcover) via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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