BOOK CORNER: Local authors collaborate on anthology series about L.A.

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Made in L.A. Vol. 4: Beyond the Precipice” is an anthology series by Los Angeles authors.

“It’s a collection of short fiction about Angelenos who have gone past the point of no return,” said Cody Sisco, publisher and editor. “Each story shows our vast megalopolis from a different angle and catalogues changes that happen at the landscape and individual level.”

“Made in L.A.” was inspired by a small group of local authors who shared a booth to showcase their novels at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2017.

“Readers approached our booth frequently and asked whether our books took place in Los Angeles,” Sisco said. “Over the following year, we wrote and solicited stories, edited them, and — long story short — returned to the festival in 2018 with Made in L.A. Vol. 1: Stories Rooted in the City of Angels.”

“Made in L.A. Vol. 4” is made up of stories that address feelings about change.

“It’s about the writers’ own feelings about the world or whether the world is changing around them,” Sisco said. “It really felt like ‘Beyond the Precipice’ was kind of a nice way to capture this idea that we’re all kind of exploring what happens when things change on us.”

It was important for Sisco to create a book that would provide authors the opportunity to have their work published.

“As community-minded writers, we knew that there were many compelling and entertaining stories written by local authors who, if they could catch a break, would find an appreciative audience,” Sisco said. “We decided to make that break happen ourselves and our community of writers grows each year. We see it as a celebration of the ups and downs of living in a diverse, fascinating, ever-changing place that so many writers call home and that serves as fuel for stories in every genre.”

“Made in L.A. Vol. 4” is intended for Los Angeles residents and it will no doubt provide readers with a multitude of perspectives. The book may also aid non-Los Angeles residents in gaining a deeper perspective of the realities of Los Angeles.

Open submissions for “Made in L.A.” are held annually. For more information visit

“Made in L.A. Vol. 4: Beyond the Precipice” is available for $19.99 online via, Amazon and in local bookstores EsoWon, Small World Books, Skylight Books, Stories Books and Café, and more.