BOOK CORNER: New book offers women tips on pitfalls of dating

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Don’t Fall Prey,” by Bethanee Epifani J. Bryant, is a dating book that addresses a range of topics like chivalry, sex, age, digital dating and more.

“My intention in writing ‘Don’t Fall Prey’ is to help women avoid the common mistakes too many of us have made in our dating lives as a result of miscalculating our worth,” Bryant said.

The book was inspired by conversations the author had with her girlfriends.

“We would get together and update each other on our lives and, of course, we would talk about our dating experiences,” Bryant said. “The laughs, frustrations and realizations within our dialogue I felt should be in a book.”

“Don’t Fall Prey” consists of 19 chapters filled with the author’s personal dating stories along with stories that other women submitted for her book.

“Underneath all of the chapters, I would say the main lesson or takeaway is for women to cultivate or tailor their dating life to how they see fit and that they don’t have to fall prey to other people’s ideas of what their love life should look like,” Bryant said.

It was important for Bryant to create a book that would be helpful to readers.

“As a speaker and a teacher, I pull lessons, wisdom and insight from my life experiences that I enjoy sharing with others,” Bryant said. “I feel like our purpose here on earth is to pass down what we know in an effort to help others.”

“Don’t Fall Prey” will  be relatable to readers and spark necessary conversation between women and men. The book is intended for both women and men who are currently participating in the dating community.

“My hope is that I leave readers with something to think about,” Bryant said. “Even if readers disagree, I hope that the ideas presented will spark conversation within their personal circles that will lead to their own insight.”

In addition to being an author, Bryant is a coach, trainer, teacher and speaker. She is based in Torrance. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Don’t Fall Prey: Dating Tales, Trials & Triumphs” is available for $15 via and Amazon.

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