BOOK CORNER: Time travel and twisted societies collide in new fantasy adventure

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

At age 22, Boone Daniels has panic attacks, guilt, a wendigo haunting him, he’s accidentally almost killed his best friend and to make matters even worse a cursed immortal wants to destroy New York City.

Will Boone be able to outplay the supernatural and save New York City?

Find out in “The Devil Pulls the Strings” by J.W. Zarek.

The action-packed book is set in modern-day Wentzville, Missouri, New York City and 1813 Genoa, Italy.

The concept for the book came from the author’s interests.

“Inspires stems from all the epic, fantasy adventures and science fiction books read, and my love of music and time travel, and all the bedtime stories my Grandma Yetta told me about Slavic mythology, and the mother of all witches, Baba Yaga,” Zarek said.

It was important for Zarek to write a book that honors the protagonist, highlights Slavic mythology and Baba Yaga in a modern-day setting.

“How many folks see or know Baba Yaga is more than the flat, two-dimensional villain depicted in stories, movies and video games,” Zarek said. “Do a smidge of research, and you’ll uncover a plethora of stories and myths about Baba Yaga around the globe where she can be the antagonist, a helper, or mentor and may help and eat the hero after.”

“The Devil Pulls the Strings” will be enjoyed by readers who enjoy an “intense, wild read, and anyone who loves where time travel, twisted history, secret societies, Paganini’s music and one haunted hero collide.”

Some of the larger themes found inside the book include hope, faith and friendship.

Zarek hopes readers gain “a greater appreciation of Slavic mythology and Baba Yaga and be inspired to discover and explore all the music and artists referenced in this book.”

“The Devil Pulls the Strings” is the first book in the Archivist series.

In addition to being an author, Zarek is an adjudicator. He is based in Washington, D.C. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“The Devil Pulls the Strings” is available for $9.99 (eBook), $16.99 (print), $24.99 (hardcover), and $24.99 (audiobook) via, Amazon, audiobook on Audible, and other book selling platforms.



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