BOOK CORNER: New book shares testament  of love, marriage and loss

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“There’s Beauty in My Brokenness,” by Crystal King Iwuoma, is an impactful new book that shares the author’s story of losing her identity as a wife, finding her new identity as a widow, losing her faith in God and learning that God is sovereign.

Within the book, King shares intimate details of her life before her husband’s passing and the aftermath.

“Our story is that we both met while working at LAX airport, we dated two weeks, he asked me to marry him, we got married eight months later, and 34 years later I lost him.”

It was important for King to write a book that shared their story.

“I was inspired by God to tell our story and to leave our legacy for our children and grandchildren and many generations,” said the author.

What she enjoys most about her book is the story of their love.

“I think I cherish the fact that we stayed together for 34 years until death did us part,” King said. “Although you have ups and downs in a marriage, our marriage was counted successful because we stayed together until death did us part; we honored one another and God’s unity for us.”

“There’s Beauty in My Brokenness” is intended for both men and women, couples, and singles of all backgrounds. Many readers will relate to King as she discusses her experience of sudden loss, the valley of grief, the healing process, God’s justice and more.

It’s the author’s hope that her book encourages readers to “not to take life or their loved ones for granted and to inform people to have their affairs in order.”

“There’s Beauty in My Brokenness” is the author’s second book. She’s currently working on a third book that will address the importance of organizing one’s personal and financial matters.

In addition to being an author, King operates the home-based bakery Serendipity Tasty Treats and she facilitates a group called Honored Widows. She also participates in speaking engagements. She is based in Adelanto, California. To connect with the author, visit her on social media via Facebook and Instagram @honoredwidows.

“There’s Beauty in My Brokenness” is available for $25 via Amazon or by reaching out to the author for a copy.