BOOK CORNER: New book teaches children how to cope with racism

Wave Staff Report

Author, podcaster and family entertainment specialist Lin. Woods returns to the literary scene with her second children’s book “See Me Not My Color: Another Kenny Can Life Lesson Story,” published by Xlibris).

It is the second in Woods’ “Kenny Can” book series,

In a world where people continue to face elements of racism in their daily lives, “See Me Not My Color” takes elementary schooler Kenny Can on a journey to his favorite place in the world where he encounters racism for the first time. This is also where Kenny, his cousins and best friend Jake unexpectedly teach another boy from school that skin color does not matter, that it’s what is inside a person that counts and that humanity is one race, the human race.

“We live at a time where racism has stepped front and center of life’s stage,” Woods said. “This book will start a dialogue about race with our children to teach them that we are all the same no matter our skin color. “We all love, hurt, cry, bleed red and feel joy. We are all human beings. And if you get to know others outside of your race and community, you will find they are basically just like you,” she added.

 When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she said: “Let’s not judge people based on their skin color. If we do, we could be missing out on a great friend. Choose love.”

Woods is a multimedia specialist, content producer, writer, author, poet, voice-over artist and podcaster. She is the president of faith-based and family entertainment media communications company, Lin. Woods Inspired Media.

Her podcast, Lin. Woods Gospel Entertainment Podcast, is available on platforms around the world. She is the founder and executive director of Inspired Lives Foundation, a nonprofit that presents educational workshops, networking forums, seminars and a youth summer film camp for those who aspire to careers in music and film entertainment. 

She holds a master of arts degree from Full Sail University in Winterpark, Florida, and a bachelor of arts from Fisk University-Nashville. She currently resides with her family in St. Louis. She can be reached on social media at Facebook: @Lin Woods; and Instagram: @linwoods96.

“See Me, Not My Color: Another Kenny Can Life Lesson Story” is available on digital platforms around the world, including and Barnes & Noble.