BOOK CORNER: Obesity doctor publishes weight-loss strategy book

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Catching Point Transformation: A Twelve-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality,” by J. David Prologo, offers readers a brand new approach to weight loss through focusing on overcoming the body’s resistance to change.

It was inspired by Prologo’s witnessing his mother’s journey with dieting.

“I watched my mom for years — who I knew to be a strong and powerful and smart person — fail diets. … I watched people tell her it was her fault, watched her internalize it and get depressed,” Prologo said. “I went on to become a doctor, obesity medicine physician, and researcher — essentially dedicating my life and career to this phenomenon of diet attrition.”

In the book, Prologo provides a path for readers to approach their diets differently, such as not sticking to a fixed schedule, the importance of recovery periods and more.

Prologo’s favorite part of his book is the first 33 pages.

“I outline why I wrote this, who I am, and describe what all of this is like from the dieter’s point of view,” Prologo said.

“The Catching Point Transformation” can function as a guidebook for readers and it is intended for “anyone who has ever failed a diet and wondered if it was their thyroid or genetics, slow metabolism, or any number of things,” the author said.

“It is so crazy to watch people who have never been obese and have never made a significant change in body weight judge, condescend and even advise those who are embarking on that journey,” Prologo said. “It is important for me to shed light on this and give people a different path.”

Prologo hopes readers of his book are released from the “shackles” of historical diet programs.

“The widespread inability to lose weight on your own is not some intrinsic flaw and it doesn’t have anything to do with willpower, mental strength or mental fortitude,” Prologo said. “This is a biological issue, this is an issue with the body just like every other medical issue.”

“The Catching Point Transformation” is Prologo’s first book. His next book will focus on the journey of patients with complex and advanced pain syndromes. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“The Catching Point Transformation: A Twelve-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality” is available for $26.00 (hardcover) and $9.99 (Kindle) via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, and other book outlets.


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