BOOK CORNER: Poetry book addresses racial injustice in ‘Sky’s the Limit’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Sky’s the Limit,” by Stanley James II, is a thought-provoking poetry book reflecting a life lived through love, strength, courage and ambition.

It was inspired by events taking place in not only the author’s life, but also society.

“It was inspired by everything that had been balled up inside of me that I just really couldn’t express,” James said. “Pretty much all of the current events that’s been going on within the last 5-7 years.”

Inside his book, James expresses himself and innermost feelings without fear.

“It was more feelings involved with writing this book; I really had a chance to sit back and just reflect on things,” James said. “My environments and where my state of mind was different than when I’m writing novels.”

The poems address the author’s thoughts in regards to racial injustice, gangs, politics and more.

Two of the author’s favorite poems include “The National Anthem,” which focuses on racism and injustice for minorities, and “Thug Life,” which focuses on how James’ feels as a Black man in today’s society.

“Sky’s the Limit” will spark the interest of a wide audience as it focuses on a wide range of topics that affects all people.

James hopes his book inspires readers to be fearless in their pursuit of truth.

“Live the truth and not be scared,” said the author. “Express your inner truth, where you come from, how you think, and how you were raised.”

“Sky’s the Limit” is James’ first poetry book and he has written 10 other books. He expects to release several more books in early 2022.

In addition to being an author, he operates his own publishing company, Gang Tales Publications, that launched earlier this year.

“With me writing books, I also wanted to give other people opportunities that necessarily don’t have the resources or the tools they need,” James said. “My mission for the publishing company is to give the streets a voice that America’s national media news outlets do not cover or really give much concern, primarily in our poverty-stricken ghettos around the world.”

James is based in North Long Beach. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“Sky’s the Limit” is available for $16.99 via and Amazon.


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