BOOK CORNER ‘Promised Love’ addresses love, grief, and God’s promises

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Promised Love: Living, Loving, Never Ending,” by LaVicia Kendall Pigeé, is a compelling story about the journey of love between two imperfect people that God places together, making them perfect for one another.

Pigeé’s book was inspired by her own life’s journey of love. 

“I believe the world needs to see and hear more stories about love,” Pigeé said. “My husband and I had something special and I thought it should be shared to inspire others who may have given up on love.”

The book shares stories about Pigeé’s early life, her life and love with her husband, life after her husband and the pain and grief that accompanies death.

“Promised Love” has a message that extends beyond sharing the love they had for one another and their family.

“Now I see the importance of helping others to hold on to the promises of God,” Pigeé said. “Sometimes the promise may not look like how we imagined it, but if we keep the faith we will see the manifestation of his promise.”

“Promised Love” will be encouraging for readers who are single, who have given up on love, and those dealing with grief and loss. 

“I want someone to know it’s OK to be angry, frustrated and sad,” Pigeé said. “Take all the time you need to grieve, but down the line you’ve got to turn all of those feelings over to God and let him put joy and peace back in you.”

Pigeé desires that readers gain more strength, hope and faith in God and in love after reading her book.

“The reader should know when God puts your love in your life, without a shadow of a doubt, you will know it,” Pigeé said. “And if you’re not sure, seek God and ask him to reveal it to you.” 

In addition to being an author, Pigeé is the owner and CEO of VeCe Apparel and an office administrator. She lives with her family in Inglewood. For more information about the author and her work, visit


“Promised Love: Living, Loving, Never Ending” is available for $20 via and Amazon.