BOOK CORNER: Retired developer offers formula for success in ‘Million Dollar Miracle’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Million Dollar Miracle: How to Make a Million Dollars in One Day and Never Have to Work Again,” by Michael E. Bash and Roberta Edgar, is an informative new book that tells the story of real estate developer Michael Bash, who successfully transformed land on both coasts of the United States, ultimately making millions of dollars as result.

“Million Dollar Miracle” was inspired by Bash’s success while working for Weston Electric.

“I took an instrument that used to control one process and rezoned it to control 24 processes,” Bash said. “Selling this instrument increased the profits to the company by millions of dollars.”

Bash also credits the story of Paul as helping inspire his book.

“The story about Paul that took a small religion of 600,000 and turned it into a religion that today is followed by 2 1/2 billion,” said the author.

It was important for Bash to create a book that hopefully helps others on their journeys to success.

“I always liked to share good things with other people,” Bash said. “It makes me feel happy when I can make someone else feel happy.”

Inside “Million Dollar Miracle,” Bash encourages readers to duplicate his formula for overnight wealth through sharing practical tools and advice geared towards helping readers find the right properties for rezoning, how to manage and maintain the properties you’ve acquired and more.

“Rezoning was always exciting to me because it helps the world,” Bash said. “It helps other people to get better, to have a better life; almost anybody can use my advice and make even a million dollars over night.”

“Million Dollar Miracle” will no doubt prove to be inspiring for readers.

“My main audience are people that deal with real estate like developers and brokers,” said the author. “However, everyone that reads my book will gain informative knowledge.”

In addition to being an author, Bash is a retired real estate developer. He lives in Bakersfield. Bash welcomes those who would like to connect with him to contact him via email,

“Million Dollar Miracle: How to Make a Million Dollars in One Day and Never Have to Work Again” is available for $18.95 (paperback), $29.95 (hardback) and $9.99 (Kindle) on Amazon.