BOOK CORNER: Thought-provoking book offers  new perspective on afterlife

By Marissa Wells

“A Natural Afterlife Discovered: The Newfound, Psychological Reality That Awaits Us at Death,” by Bryon Ehlmann, is a thought-provoking book that presents a psychological reality about death based on human experience and cognitive science.

“The natural eternal consciousness theory states that unless some faith-based afterlife begins at death, you will be imperceptibly paused in your final experience,” Ehlmann said.

The idea for the theory came to him following a dream where the author woke up and asked himself “Suppose I had never woken up?”

“My answer, or hunch, led to much analysis and research that resulted in the [natural eternal consciousness] theory; I published three peer-reviewed articles in psychology journals on the theory,” Ehlmann said. “I wrote my book to better present the content of these articles to the general public and offer my views on the theory’s impact and significance.”

“A Natural Afterlife Discovered” addresses Ehlman’s theory: its evolution, validation and potential significance.

“The book scientifically establishes that death, if not immediately followed by a supernatural afterlife, does not result in nonexistence,” Ehlmann said. “Instead, one’s consciousness is imperceptibly paused in their final experience. Such pause can result in a timeless natural afterlife, possibly a heaven of utmost happiness.”

“A Natural Afterlife Discovered” is intended for persons seeking a scientific perspective on what awaits one upon death. 

“People don’t have to worry about this theory upsetting what they already believe,” Ehlman said. “My theory just says what happens when you die, if no supernatural type of consciousness takes over and overrides it.”

“A Natural Afterlife Discovered” will no doubt cause readers to think more deeply about how they live their lives.

“The more people who know about the [natural eternal consciousness] theory, the better our world will be,” Ehlman said. “For instance, one will realize that suicide may not be the answer as it does not rid oneself of self. So, tragic suicides and mass shootings will likely be much reduced.”

Ehlman said mass shootings are often committed by people who are suicidal.

In addition to being an author, Ehlmann is a retired computer science professor. He is based in Tallahassee, Florida. For more information about the author and his work, visit

“A Natural Afterlife Discovered: The Newfound, Psychological Reality That Awaits Us at Death” is available for $24.23 (hardcover), $16.50 (paperback), $6.99 (ebook) on Amazon and other book retailors via IngramSpark.